TONY TRI QUACH, B.A., RPA Technical Staff

Associate Archaeologist

California State University, Long Beach – M.A. – Anthropology, 2006.


Mr. Quach has extensive experience in cultural resource management. Tony has participated in archaeological fieldwork in the Pacific Coastal region of Guatemala, Western Belize, Western El Salvador, Easter Island, Eastern Washington, and the Mojave Desert. Mr. Quach is familiar with the operation of ground penetrating radar, magnetometer/gradiometer, conductivity, resistivity, and aerially blimp photography among other remote sensing techniques, such as the manipulation and use of satellite imagery, while conducting geophysical survey in the Mojave Desert, El Salvador, Guatemala and Easter Island. He has applied ARCGIS toward the study of surface artifact distribution of a subsection of the Mojave dunes in a pilot study of the taphonomic processes that creates slope gradients key towards the exposure of previously buried artifacts, as well as conducting geophysical survey of MCB Camp Pendleton to identify subsurface archaeological deposits.