Jerry Schaefer, Ph.D., RPA

Office: Carlsbad, California


  • 1979 Ph.D., Anthropology/University of Arizona
  • 1973 M.A., Anthropology/University of Arizona
  • 1972 B.A., Anthropology/City College of the City University of New York


Dr. Schaefer has 30 years of professional experience spanning three continents, and a broad range of expertise in prehistoric and historic sites archaeology. During most of his career he has focused on desert human ecology, prehistoric settlement and subsistence models, and historic Euro-American archaeology of California and the American Southwest. His research on prehistoric sites includes hunter-gatherer residential bases, temporary camps, mortuary features, lithic quarries, chipping stations, trail systems, geoglyphs, ceramics, and caches. He is widely recognized for his contributions to the archaeology of the Colorado Desert with emphasis on Lake Cahuilla shoreline sites, Patayan ceramics, and Late Prehistoric/Ethnohistoric period culture history.

Dr. Schaefer’s work with historic sites includes rural ranches, urban domestic and commercial sites and architecture, roads, dams, flumes, mines, and cemeteries. Within the context of both State and Federal compliance projects, Dr. Schaefer has conducted overviews, random sample surveys and intensive surveys, significance assessments, data recovery projects, and has written four nominations for the National Register of Historic Places. Dr. Schaefer has considerable experience in cultural resource studies throughout the upper and lower Sonoran Desert region and the California coastal plane.