COLIN V. RAMBO, B.A. Technical Staff

Assistant Archaeologist

California State University, Bakersfield – B.A. – Anthropology, 2013


Mr. Rambo has experience working as an archaeologist in cultural resource management in California, which has nourished his appreciation for both prehistoric and historic archaeology, and has allowed him to develop a proficient understanding of federal and state environmental regulations such as the NHPA, NAGPRA, NEPA, and CEQA. Specifically, Mr. Rambo’s field experience has made him proficient in the practice of Historic Oilfield and Historic Mining Archaeology, having completed thousands of hours conducting pedestrian survey, site recognition and recordation, GIS site mapping, construction monitoring, mitigation recommendations, and technical report drafting. Mr. Rambo has spent the majority of his professional career working on Phase I and Phase II projects for the Oil and Gas and Renewable Energy Industries in southern California.