Ground Penetrating Radar

ASM has led the innovation and application of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to the CRM industry. GPR is used to locate and identify the horizontal & vertical extent of buried features or components of an archaeological site. ASM uses on-the-ground observations (from surface and excavation work) and sometimes historic documentation to help determine the location and extent of GPR surveys. Once the area is identified and a grid established for examination, a GPR technician traverses the examination area using a Geophysical Survey Systems SIR-3000 (Subsurface Interface Radar) unit with a 400-MHz shielded antenna. Resulting data can then be processed in the field and used to guide subsequent excavation work.


Research and Analysis Branch

As a research-based company, ASM is committed to providing relevant and effective deliverables that are tailored to specific client needs. Our research and analysis services are designed to add value by providing pertinent and timely products to meet regulatory, legal, or policy objectives.

ASM offers expertise in identifying and accessing information, filling existing data gaps, resolving information deficiencies, and providing relevant analysis of present-day inquiries. We focus on assessing our clients’ needs and preparing the appropriate deliverable.

The Research and Analysis Branch specializes in documenting natural resources use and environmental and social change for a range of projects and applications. Our staff has the experience to quickly understand client needs and define a research schedule that will produce the necessary information and analysis in a timely manner.