ASM Hawai‘i’s Culture-Historical capabilities include: archival research and analysis, preservation, and oral-historical services for a broad spectrum of clients from federal, state, and local government agencies to private firms. Our team of professionals is dedicated to preparing high-quality, cost-effective deliverables that provide our clients with the information and analysis they need to comply with federal, state, and local regulations; manage cultural and natural resources; execute transactions; engage in legal proceedings; and understand policy developments.


Our research and comprehensive analysis capabilities are broad based with experience in the Hawaiian Islands and the greater Pacific Region. Over the years, our research efforts have resolved administrative inquiries and contributed to management decisions for cultural resources and contemporary business operations. Our deliverables accurately and concisely convey information needed by federal, state, and local agencies; law firms; engineering, environmental, and natural resources firms; as well as private landowners.

Cultural-Historical Services

  • Archival research/record searches at local and regional repositories
  • Historic Land Grant records searches
  • Land Commission Awards records searches
  • Qualitative interviewing for institutional memory projects, policy analysis, and historical documentation
  • Cultural impact analysis
  • Administrative and organizational histories
  • Historic/Cultural interpretation for sites and public spaces
  • Historical contexts and site-specific research for regulatory compliance