ASM Affiliates Hawai‘i office (ASM HAWAI‘I; formerly Rechtman Consulting, LLC) is an SBE-certified CRM firm with more than 14 years of experience providing environmental regulatory compliance services for county, state, and federal agencies, as well as private sector clients throughout the Hawaiian Islands and the greater Pacific Region. Services include:

With the December 2013 acquisition of Rechtman Consulting, LLC, ASM has expanded its services to include Hawai‘i and the Pacific Islands. ASM has retained Robert B. Rechtman, Ph.D. (as Vice President of Pacific Operations) and the rest of the former Rechtman Consulting staff, along with their experience and institutional history of having conducted over 800 cultural resources management projects throughout the State of Hawai‘i. The range of projects includes Section 106 Compliance, Cultural Impact Assessments, Archaeological Assessments, Reconnaissance Surveys, Inventory Surveys, Site Testing, Data Recovery, Preservation Planning, Burial Treatment Planning, and Archaeological Monitoring. These projects have been conducted for private landowners and developers, as well as county, state, and federal agencies. Dr. Rechtman continues to personally oversee all work conducted by ASM in Hawai‘i and the Pacific. He has developed a strong working relationship with the Hawai‘i SHPO office and maintains ties with the equivalent offices in the Pacific Islands region. Dr. Rechtman brings his Pacific Island experience, which includes projects in Hawai‘i, Fiji, and American Samoa.

Office Capabilities

In our Hilo-based Hawai‘i office, ASM currently has nine regular staff and several other individuals available on an as needed basis. All of our staff archaeologists have at least B.A. degrees in anthropology/archaeology, have completed an archaeological field school, and have at least three years of experience in Pacific Island archaeology. All of ASM Hawai‘i’s senior staff are qualified under the Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualifications Standards for their respective positions, including Archaeology and Historic Preservation. Field Supervisors have more than ten years of experience in Hawaiian archaeology. Our Hawai‘i office is well versed in the conduct and timely completion of simultaneous projects, and our staffing capabilities include sufficient personnel to conduct multiple large projects simultaneously while maintaining delivery of high-quality products. Additionally, many of our staff members have cross-disciplinary training and can provide high-quality service under numerous scopes of work.

The ASM Hawai‘i office possesses a full complement of archaeological field equipment sufficient to outfit multiple field crews performing diverse archaeological tasks including, but not limited to, survey, mapping, excavation, feature clearing and restoration, and construction monitoring. Our office is also fully equipped with staff and material resources to conduct laboratory analysis, archival research, produce and publish reports, and communicate with clients. Attached to the office is a laboratory and curation facility capable of handling large quantities of materials. The curation facility, with the support of the attached office and laboratory, complies with many of the standards described in 36 CFR 79 and is capable of providing adequate short-term curatorial services for large collections of cultural material.

A hallmark of ASM’s Hawai‘i Office is the high standard to which services are rendered and products are prepared. Dr. Rechtman’s personal involvement in every aspect of every project guarantees an unsurpassed level of coordination ensuring that the various elements of a project are integrated into a cohesive whole.